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We provide Application Services that help avoid risk, manage costs and leverage mature, full-featured information systems. Use our services and focus on core business issues.

Preventive Maintenance

Quark System provides preventive maintenance services to enable customers to maintain products in a proper operating conditions by our professional system engineers

Software Maintenance

Software Maintenance Services from Quark System will ensure the enterprise with our professional support team. Plan your software maintenance today to be more adaptive, perfective, and preventive.

Hardware Maintenance

Keep your hardware alive and healthy by choosing customizable IT hardware maintenance services for server, storage, network equipment and security appliances from Quark System .

Service Xlens

Quark System technical experts are well-trained to support and resolve hardware issues rapidly by both onsite support and remote support upon SLA.Quark System technical experts are well-trained to support and resolve hardware issues rapidly by both onsite support and remote support upon SLA.

We have had success repairing and maintaining a wide array of label applicators, barcode printers, and print & apply units.

Maintenance Service

The Support Agreement is a two-party agreement, through an extension of the service contract, where Customer and commit to a certain level of service.

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Service Onsite

We are committed to effecting accurate barcode printer repairs–done right the first time–providing our customers with superior repair workmanship delivered in a timely manner and excellent overall cost value.

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Repair In house

We are specializes in printer support. We have over twenty years experience supporting printers and we provide expert repair service In house.

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Bar Codes for Busines

The barcode reading and printing solutions were once very expensive and can only afforded by very large companies. Fortunately as the evolution of the inexpensive PC industry now you can construct your application with much less money. Today, Bar Coding is a fast growing industry that is revolutionizing Point of Sales (POS) and the way people collect, store and retrieve data. Many industries have mandated the use of barcode, such as retail stores, book stores, libraries, hospitals, governments, postal offices and shipping industry. On the other hand, it is quite surprising to us that many companies, even some with very high volumes of product movement have not switched to barcode labeling. Having the ability to scan as many items as necessary will.

Barcode Scanner

– Companion Scanners
– Handheld Scanners
– IN / ON-Counter Scanners
– Rugged Scanners
– Industrial Scanners
– Fixed Mount Scanners


– Card Printers
– Desktop Printers
– Industrial Printers
– Kiosk Printers
– Print Engines

Mobile Printers

– Comming…

Mobile Computers

– Handheld Computers
– Healthcare Computers
– Wearable Computers
– Vehicle-Mounted Computers

Sticker Label


Server and Network


IT Consulting Services

Information Technology is a particular expertise of Quark Systems. We manage successful industrial automation projects with well-established techniques and innovative software tools.

Our approach combines stringency and flexibility, facilitating an easy collaboration between our team and our client. This reinforces the quality of our work and ensures that the solution fulfils your exact needs.


Software Development

Quark Systems provides customers with high quality and experience in developing many different types of software.

Our team of developers executes the design using state of the art Continuous Integration, Versioning and Build Systems. Core’s strategy of “Incremental Delivery” allows the use of modules as they are finished. This strategy allows immediate feedback from end users making fine tuning faster.


Software Development

Core Business processes are analyzed and a detailed design and implementation plan is created in cooperation with the client’s team. The plan will include software development, infrastructure and staffing requirements that will ensure the successful system implementation.

Supply Chain Managementt

– Purchase Management
– Distribution Requirements Planning
– Inventory Management
– Shipping and Receiving
– Warehouse Management
– Advanced Material Management
– Supplier Relationship Management
– Supplier Connect

Production Management

– Job Management
– Lean Production
– Manufacturing Execution System
– Quality Assurance
– Advanced Menufacturing Execution System
– Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence

Planning and Scheduling

– Forecasting and Master Production Scheduling
– Material Requirements Planning
– Schiduling and Resource Management
– Advaned Planning and Scheduling

Project Management

– Project Planning
– Resource Management
– Time Management
– Expense Management
– Project Billing
– Mobile Expense

Product Data Management

– Bill of Material
– Routings
– Product Costing
– Engineering Change and Revision Control
– Product Lifecycle Management
– Product Configuration

Service Management

– Field Service
– Contract Management
– Maintenance Management
– Returned Material Authorization
– Mobile Field Service

Human Capital Management

– Core HR
– Payroll
– Recruitment
– Reporting & Analytics
– Talent Management
– Direct Access
– Mobile HCM
– Performance Tracking
– Time and Attendance Management

Sales Managemen

– Estimate and Quote Management
– Order Management
– EDI / Demand Management
– Point of Sale
– Commerce Connect
– Mobile Sales Assist

Customer Relationship Management

– Contract Management
– Lead and Opportunity Management
– Case Management
– Marketing Management
– Mobile CRM
– Customer Connect

Financial Management

– General Ledger
– Accounts Payable
– Accounts Receivable
– Credit and Collections
– Cash Management
– Fixed Asset Management
– Financial Planning
– Advanced Allocations
– Consolidations and Eliminations
– Tax Connect

Quality Control

– Tightening Data Management System
– Thickness Inspection System
– Crosscut Inspection System
– Pre-Delivery Inspection
– Quality Inspection
– Defect Tracking
– Part Inspection


– Electronic Data Interchange
– Central Photos Synchronization



Quark Systems can be integrated with client’s other systems to allow seamless transaction flow. This is done through different strategies including use of API’s, direct database connection, file import/export, etc.

Part Calling

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OEE Visualize

OEE Visualize gives you the overview that you need of the current status in the factory. Machine operating status is made visible with the help of colors, numbers, symbols and images. Since you will choose the key figures that you want to use yourself, you get a system that is totally tailored to your needs.

You will find a number of key figures that you can access such as number of units, hourly rate, current availability or OEE-values on a plant, department, machine, order or product level. All information is presented graphically, and you can choose what you want to use.

Part Inspection

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We are currently seeking entry-level and/or experienced SOFTWARE PROGRAMMERS to join our young and dynamic organization. The uninspired and faint of heart need not apply.

  –  Graduate of Computer Science or any IT related courses.
  –  Knowledgeable in Database design, Programming by SQL, .NET C#, Java, PHP, Python, C++.
  –  Knowledge in Linux, Networking & Hardware Troubleshooting is an advantage.
  –  Analytical, Fast learning, can work with minimal supervision.
  –  Can handle pressure, hardworking and loyal.
  –  For permanent employment.
  –  Fresh graduates are welcome.

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