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Honeywell – Captuvo 42 Enterprise Sled for iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c / SE


Transform the Apple iPhone® 5, 5s, 5c or SE into an enterprise-ready device that empowers your mobile team members to be more agile, efficient and productive – all while improving the customer experience. Simply add the Captuvo SL42 enterprise sled to gain instant access to critical business information plus automatic data capture and transaction processing.

Product Details

Captuvo SL42 enterprise sleds equip you to accomplish more with each employee- or corporate-owned Apple iPhone® device.

The Captuvo SL42 sled transforms the Apple iPhone® 5, 5s, 5c or SE models into an enterprise-ready device that provides instant access to critical business information. It also enables automatic data capture and/or transaction processing right on the spot.

And without the need to carry a secondary device, the sleek, compact SL42 sled empowers your mobile workers with the tools to be more efficient and productive while improving the customer experience.

From a leader in barcode scanning technology, the Captuvo SL42 features an integrated, best-in-class 2D scanner, driven by Adaptus™ Imaging Technology 6.0.

  • Quickly and accurately reads linear, 2D and challenging barcodes, even directly off mobile phone screens.
  • Optional TotalFreedom™ scanner software plug-ins improve scanning of direct mark barcodes and other standard 2D barcodes, including AAMVA North American drivers licenses and documents.
  • Optional encryption-ready, three-track magnetic stripe reader makes it easy to quickly process credit card transactions.

Teamed with the SL42 sled the iPhone becomes a more powerful productivity tool. Compatibility with the iPhone means your employees will have access to over 525,000 apps in the Apple® App Store, so they can take advantage of the best apps available to help them do their jobs better and in less time.



Optional Encryption-Ready Magnetic Stripe Reader Enables card-based transactions at the point of sale while protecting sensitive cardholder data.

EasyDL™ Scanning Sofware Plug-in Reduces transaction time up to 95% by automatically parsing barcode data on government-issued ID cards to verify age or populate loyalty, membership or credit applications.

Battery Power That Lasts  Provides additional power to the iPhone, ensuring maximum uptime for associates.

Sleek, Compact Design The Captuvo sled is sleek and stylish – ideal for customer-facing applications.

Remote Mastermind™ Software  Helps enterprises remotely manage deployed iPhone devices and other iOS devices, lowering total cost of ownership.