Datalogic AREX

AREX is the ultra compact Fiber Laser that is setting a new reference standard in the permanent marking arena.

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Datalogic – AREX


AREX is the ultra compact Fiber Laser that is setting a new reference standard in the permanent marking arena.

With the smallest marking head footprint, AREX drastically simplifies design for system integrators, and makes mechanical installations extremely easy in all the applications: from stand alone marking stations to fully automated working center in production lines.

Thanks to the state-of- the-art fiber technology, AREX allows high speed marking on metal and plastic material increasing systems productivity.

Arex  and Lighter 6 Suite allows OEMs and Machine builders to develop a complete, cost effective, Laser Marking Station, based on embedded hardware and software resources, (STAND ALONE mode) or to design an advanced Laser Marking Solutions able to control a complete machinery over a simple Ethernet connection with supervisor computer (MASTER-SLAVE mode).

The AREX Series is a multi-functional and all inclusive line of fiber laser markers dedicated to direct part marking in the Automotive, Electronics, and precision mechanics industry. Thanks to its ultra-compact scanhead, flexible marking platform and advanced software features, AREX laser marker provides a flexible, reliable, cost effective solution for permanent and indelible high quality marking directly on your production line.
AREX laser markers are equipped with high performance pulsed fiber laser sources with power levels from 10W to 50W and with the new 20W MOPA fiber source based on the proprietary MULTIWAVE fiber laser technology for maximum control of laser emission. The AREX series offers more than just a laser marker.
AREX’s Embedded Marking Controller simplifies setup , configuration and management of single or multiple laser markers, both in standalone or in master –slave configuration. The AREX Series is a simple and complete solution for any laser marking application.

Quick installation and setup
AREX design and configuration dramatically simplifies and speeds up machine design and system integration.
• Embedded Marking Controller (EMC) with LIGHTER Suite ensures quick and easy installation, setup, control and system diagnostics, even remotely via Ethernet TCP/IP
• Ultra compact scan head (112x300x90mm) saves space and reduced costs during installation and setup
• Built-in step motor controller, completely integrated in software editor, dramatically simplifies integration of rotary indexers, x-y tables and z axis
• Front panel USB for quick and easy system update and layout transfer

Flexible programming and control
LIGHTER Suite, with its intuitive and easy-to-learn interface, simplifies the development of a complete and cost effective Laser Marking Station for OEM and Machine builders. AREX can be operated in a STAND ALONE MODE with built-in control and software resources, and in a MASTERSLAVE mode with a with supervising computer for advanced network-oriented Laser Marking Applications


• Low leakage to avoid ghost lines or material damage even on sesnitive materials
• High protection rate scanhead, IP54 for maximum performance even in aggressive environment
• Complete power range from 10 W to 50W
• Standard Datalogic I/O Interface
• Integrated Windows based markign controller, no external PC needed.
• Full Lighter Software included, no dongle needed
• Aiming Beam and Focus Beam
• RS232 and Ethernet protocol