Datalogic – Joya X2 General Purpose

Datalogic’s line of Joya products allows
companies to combine attractive custom covers and logos to enhance the brand experience for their customers. It’s easy to integrate these exciting devices into third party software applications as well as Datalogic’s innovative Shopevolution™ middleware for use in Self-Shopping

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Datalogic – Joya X2 General Purpose


The Joya™ X2 General Purpose (GP) device with 2D imaging technology is the standardized version of the highly successful Joya Self-Shopping device, specifically developed to offer a simple and intuitive, yet powerful device for retail shop-floor applications, for back-office inventory management and for Access Control in the Entertainment or Transportation industries.

The Joya X2 GP device includes a new keyboard layout with specific settings for General Purpose mobile computing. It is offered with Datalogic’s CE6 Software Development Kit (SDK), offering application development in C/C++ and .NET as well as easy application portability from other Datalogic X3 devices.





  • Able to read bar codes/2D codes from product labels, coupons, smartphone displays and  electronic labels
  • General Purpose Keyboard layout
  • Lightweight, rugged and easy to use
  • Covers are customizable with the retailer’s brand image
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and USB connectivity
  • Backlit color graphic QVGA 2.8 inch display with Touchscreen
  • Microsoft® Windows CE 6.0 Operating System
  • Avalanche & Datalogic’s Pal pre-installed and licensed
  • Lanyard to tether the device
  • Datalogic X3 SDK support for easy porting
  • EASEOFCARE Service Plans offer a wide range of service options to protect your investment, ensuring
    maximum productivity and ROI