PX6i and PX4i Industrial Printers

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Honeywell – PX6i and PX4i Industrial Printers


Rugged PX6i (152.4 mm/6 in) and PX4i (101.6 mm/4 in) industrial printers deliver outstanding performance for your round-the-clock, mission-critical applications. Their multiple interfaces, secure wireless connectivity (WPA2), CCX and W-iFi certifications, and support for IPv6 ensure easy integration and long-term scalability.

Product Details

Built for round-the-clock, mission-critical workflows, rugged PX6i and PX4i High-Performance Industrial Printers combine intensive printing with advanced connectivity, ensuring fast results now and a scalable solution long-term.

These smart printers can host standalone applications without a PC, reducing errors and streamlining workflows by directly controlling devices like scanners, scales and applicators. This improves efficiency and decreases infrastructure costs and complexity.

Device-management and diagnostic capabilities reduce downtime and simplify deployment, while user-selectable, all-in-one programming languages ensure that PX printers easily drop into mixed-printer environments.

Rugged, all-metal PX printers are ideal for rigorous compliance-labeling applications and deliver outstanding performance – up to 228 mm/s (9 ips) from first label to last. A modular design facilitates integration into automated labeling workflows, and industry-standard connectivity options support fast deployment.

Options and accessories further increase flexibility. An enhanced self-strip option delivers consistent performance across multiple media types. Printhead replacement is fast and easy, thanks to the magnetic QuickMount™ design.

The PX series is co-engineered and tested with Honeywell labels and other media products, optimizing performance when used with genuine Honeywell media.


Strong All-metal construction and superior throughput for 24×7 printing in harsh industrial environments.

Versatile Modular design facilitates integration into automated labeling applications, and industry-standard connectivity options support fast deployment.

Connected  Integrated Ethernet, USB host and device, and serial interface are all standard. Provides secure wireless connectivity (WPA2), CCX and Wi-Fi certifications and IPv6 support.

Adjustable  Interchangeable print head provides easy choice of print resolution in 203 or 300 dpi.

Straightforward Numerous features minimize downtime and maintenance costs, such as a full-size keypad overlay that simpifies adjustment and configuration.

• RFID Capable Available in RFID-enabled configurations capable of simultaneously encoding and printing frequency-agile RFID tags.