RS4000 1D Ring Scanner

Powerful Hands -free 1D scanning for Zebra’s
next-generation WT 6000 wearable mobile computer

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Zebra – RS4000 1D Ring Scanner


Hands-free 1D Scanning

Whether your workers spend their days moving products through your warehouse or retail store, or moving packages through distribution centers and onto trucks for delivery, every time they need to set an item down to check a paper work order or scan a barcode with a handheld device, their productivity decreases. But when you put the small and lightweight RS4000 1D ring scanner on the fingers of workers who are using Zebra”s WT6000 wearable mobile computer, your workers are free to keep their hands and eyes on the items they are handling. The result? Worker productivity increases. And a split-second press of the RS4000 trigger verifies task accuracy and provides the real-time inventory visibility you need to eliminate out-of-stocks

Product Details

Give your Workers Hands-Free Scanning Power
Ring scanner design leaves hands free to move packages and other materials, improving worker productivity and operational efficiency.

Increase Productivity with a Wide Working Range
Our patented Adaptive Scanning technology allows workers to capture barcodes from near contact to 15 ft./4.5 m.

Two Scanning Modes
Workers can either press the trigger button once to scan a single barcode or keep the trigger depressed to continuously scan barcodes.

Capture Virtually any Barcode in Practically any Condition
With our advanced scanning algorithms, your workers can capture scratched, dirty, damaged and poorly printed barcodes, first time, every time.